Graphika turns network science into actionable data


Illuminate the interest-based communities online, their salient discussion topics,    and the key online sources being consumed and shared.


Discover and
compare any audience.


Graphika maps and segments your target audience, revealing the key players in your space based on relationships.


First, Graphika helps you get to know your network on a deeper level. Then, with the same platform, you can discover new audiences and compare to those of your competitors. Equipped with an acute understanding of your cyber-social terrain, Graphika pinpoints the key influencers in your unique space, and empowers you to optimize your advertising and marketing campaign targeting based on granular, unbiased segmentation.


and join the conversation.


Graphika surfaces the public online conversations,  websites, hashtags, and content that matter most to your audience, market, or industry.


We help you optimize your messaging by understanding the key conversations that move your audience. Within these conversations, our platform provides all the details you need to discover and put into action the language and imagery that resonate most. This also facilitates streamlined research by eliminating information overload and gathering insights from thought leaders in one central location.



Study social media activity over time.


Opinions and conversations constantly change, but Graphika keeps your finger on the pulse. 


Graphika's proprietary visualizations track activity of hashtags, sites, and content over time. This way you can see where online trends start and end, as well as who played a role. Going deeper, the Graphika platform illustrates the key difference between the voices who are influential in a particular conversation and those who are true influencers. The composition and interests of your audience evolve over time; with Graphika, you can too.





Our comprehensive platform gathers actionable insights in one place and interfaces with existing research tools via API. Whatever size your business or institution, we have a solution perfectly fit to your needs. Ready to see Graphika in action?

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