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Graphika™ offers the most powerful social network analysis solution available. We leverage patented technology to provide powerful tools for understanding and participating in social media communities.

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  • Our revolutionary patented technology maps, visualizes and measures social media as a network of actors, so you can discover the human audiences that matter most to your business objectives, and surface the most relevant themes and content shared by key influencers in your brand’s context.
  • Our deep analysis of network relationships yields highly detailed segmentation and works across every language group, geographic region, vertical market, and business priority based on what people do, not just what they say.

Recognize influence that yields results


Go Beyond Interactions


Social networks are built on human relationships. Public conversations online are interactions between individuals within coherent communities that tell us more than the conversations alone. 

Graphika helps you understand how people are connected in order to effectively join the conversation, guide your business strategy, or deepen your analysis. 


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Reach wider through network science


The Graphika Difference


Unlike text analysis available on other platforms, our rich network data provides detailed and highly contextual social media analysis, surfacing audience insights and key content being shared. This empowers you to take decisive action to increase your impact in the most important communities to your business. 


What makes us unique?


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