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Graphika delivers actionable intelligence and data insights to support and empower media & entertainment organizations.

Trust & Safety

Gaming and entertainment platforms provide unmatched opportunities for fan engagement and interaction, but ensuring that users, especially children, have a safe and positive experience is no small task. Graphika's analytical tools and custom solutions provide confidence for clients, and protect the trust and safety of their users.

Detection of Potential Geopolitical Issues, Coordinated Harassment, and Incitement of Violence

Social media is a digital gathering space with real world risks and opportunities that often play out within artist and media fandoms. Our machine learning and AI detect the key signals of an event or controversy in near-real-time, to mitigate risks before it’s too late.

Mis- and Disinformation Detection, Analysis & Monitoring

Media & Entertainment entities (studio, network, news, music) now face unprecedented existential risks. Graphika has been on the front lines of the war on trust for years, providing actionable intelligence and data to empower our clients to understand these critical challenges, make rapid strategic decisions, and predict future events.

Crisis Response

Rapid, strategic response during a communications crisis can make or break a reputation. We arm clients to make rapid strategic decisions about how to best address their audience during a crisis to counteract adversarial narratives, disinformation, media entity & artist boycotts, and conspiratorial conversations.

Target Audience Discovery & Trend Monitoring

Graphika’s fine-grained analysis engine provides deep segmentation of the key audience around virtually any topic. We empower brands to improve their messaging and reach within their existing audience, as well as reveal key topics of interest that facilitate growth into new communities.

Campaign Optimization & Impact Measurement

We help uncover relevant and meaningful conversations that take place in the online communities that matter most. We help media entities understand who is talking about them, identify white space where influence can be expanded, and optimize content targeting and messaging to ensure maximum impact.

Influencer Discovery & Audit

Influencer analysis measurements are often polluted by irrelevant and inflated metrics. Graphika helps to cut through the noise to choose and audit influencers with true and meaningful reach against your target audiences. Brands are grateful for budget well spent, and true reach realized in their influencers program.

In the Media

Explicit AI-Generated Taylor Swift Images Sourced to 4chan Message Board ‘Game’

(Rolling Stone, Monday February 5, 2024)

In findings shared with Rolling Stone, the research firm Graphika said it sourced the images to a particular message board community on 4chan that basically made a game out of coming up with prompts for AI image generators that would skirt safeguards and create graphic images of famous people. (The tech publication 404 similarly traced the images back to 4chan in a story published last month.)

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Fake and Graphic Images of Taylor Swift Started with AI Challenge

(CBS News, Monday February 5, 2024)

The images of the pop star can be traced to a forum on 4chan, an online image bulletin board with a history of sharing conspiracy theories, hate speech and other controversial content, according to the report by Graphika, a firm that analyzes social networks.

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Why Some Taylor Swift Stans Are Ganging Up On ‘Gaylors’: Report

(Rolling Stone, Wednesday April 12, 2023)

There’s some bad blood in the Taylor Swift community. According to a new report from social media tracking firm Graphika, the largest harassment in Swift fandom spaces is happening between radical Gaylor and Anti-Gaylor accounts online — and changing fandom interactions for the worse. 

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Russian Trolls Made Fake Kid Rock Fan Accounts — and Fooled Donald Trump Jr.

(Rolling Stone, Tuesday December 13, 2022)

RUSSIAN TROLLS ARE taking advantage of the free-for-all on far-right social media apps to spread pro-Kremlin propaganda — and they were particularly successful when impersonating fans of MAGA musician Kid Rock. Those conclusions are from a new report by the social media tracking firm Graphika and Stanford University’s Internet Observatory.

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Exclusive: Fake Accounts Fueled the ‘Snyder Cut’ Online Army

(Rolling Stone, Monday July 18, 2022)

“We see clear signs of coordinated online activity from May and June this year, when multiple communities pushed hashtags promoting Zack Snyder and deriding Warner Bros.,” Avneesh Chandra, a data analyst at Graphika, tells Rolling Stone.

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A Fugitive Chinese Tycoon Met Steve Bannon. Misinformation Mayhem Ensued.

(Mother Jones, Tuesday March 1, 2022)

As Graphika, a social media analysis firm, concluded in a report last spring, “The ‘Guo media network’ defies traditional characterization as either a media organization or an influence operation. Instead, it is an ever-evolving constellation of personalities and entities that revolve around Guo. This includes media figures, content creators, publishing platforms, social media accounts, non-profits, brands, financial schemes, a faux ‘government’ and more, all under the guise of a global sociopolitical movement.”

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How Bots and Fake Accounts Push China’s Vision of Winter Olympic Wonderland

(ProPublica, Tuesday March 1, 2022)

Jack Stubbs, vice president of intelligence at Graphika, a social media monitoring company, said his firm had observed another Chinese propaganda network using foreign social media platforms, including Facebook. The network, which the company has dubbed Spamouflage, has spread videos emphasizing the Olympics as environmentally friendly and crooning about strengthening Chinese-Russian ties, punctuated by President Vladimir V. Putin’s attendance at the opening ceremony.

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Facebook Says Russian Network Was Behind Fake Leftwing News

(Financial Times, Friday September 25, 2020)

Facebook on Tuesday said it pulled a small network of roughly a dozen accounts linked to Russia's Internet Research Agency.

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Text-Based Deepfakes, Model Hacking Among Top AI Threats

(The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday December 3, 2019)

Deepfake videos—manipulated using AI to look realistic—are certainly a concern, said Camille François, chief innovation officer at social-media analytics firm Graphika Inc., speaking Tuesday at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum in New York. But Ms. François said a bigger threat comes from fabricated news articles, websites or other text content created by AI, which she called “read-fakes."

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‘Kardashian Jokes and Then a Really Racist Tweet’: How Russian Social Media Trolls Suckered in Americans

(SC Magazine, Thursday November 14, 2019)

Camille Francois remembers the day she learned that the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence was granting her the extraordinary opportunity to research the extent of Russia’s influence operations during 2016 presidential election campaign.

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How One Tweet Turned Pro-China Trolls Against the NBA

(The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday October 16, 2019)

The Houston Rockets general manager’s account was flooded with comments from pro-Chinese-government accounts that mentioned him more than 16,000 times, according to an analysis by Ben Nimmo, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and head of investigations at Graphika Inc., a social-media analytics firm.

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How Russian Trolls Boosted Conservative News Outlets in the United States

(MotherJones, Monday December 17, 2018)

Russian internet trolls helped expand the reach of conservative media outlets as part of a Kremlin campaign to influence US politics and sow social discord, according to a new report commissioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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The Insanity of NBA All-Star Voting

(ESPN, Thursday February 16, 2017)

Graphika sifted through more than 5 million tweets on behalf of ESPN, revealing a number of interesting findings about NBA All-Star voting, including 10 hyperactive bot accounts voting for Kawhi Leonard about 1,000 times per day.

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