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Graphika delivers actionable intelligence & data insights to support pharmaceutical & healthcare industry organizations.

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While social media provides a platform for the exchange of useful information, health misinformation presents a critical threat to public safety. The Graphika Platform provides detailed insights into the narratives circulating critical communities online.

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The potential damage caused by health misinformation propogating the internet cannot be ignored. Healthcare agencies and providers face unprecedented challenges monitoring, detecting, and analyzing these widespread threats. The Graphika Platform automates this process.

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Rapid, strategic response during a health crisis can save lives. We provide critical actionable intelligence to facilitate informed decisions about how best to reach and protect at-risk audiences during a crisis.

In the Media

Security News This Week: North Korean Hackers Are Attacking US Hospitals

(Wired, Saturday February 11, 2023)

The videos were discovered last year by disinformation research firm Graphika, which says it is the “first time we’ve seen this in the wild.” The company says it believes the videos were created using a commercial AI video software service, and were low-quality overall.

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Anti-Vax Group in Europe Thrives Online, Thwarts Tech Effort

(AP News, Friday August 19, 2022)

Graphika estimated the group’s membership to be 20,000 in late 2021, with a smaller core of members involved in its online harassment efforts. In addition to Italy and France, Graphika’s team found evidence that V_V is trying to create chapters in Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil and Germany, where a similar anti-government movement known as Querdenken is active.

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Influencers Played Outsized Role in Pushing Anti-Vax Conspiracies

(Axios, Thursday February 24, 2022)

The report from the Stanford Internet Observatory, Graphika and several universities and institutes, found that the same subset of recurring actors, including political leaders and celebrities, were often the ones most effective at spreading misinformation widely.

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The ViVi Warriors, the Conspiracy Group that Promotes from Italy the Offensive on the Internet Against Vaccines

(EL PAÍS, Friday December 10, 2021)

In partnership with Meta, network research firm Graphika made an extensive report on Viral_Vendetta. "We have observed what appears to be a growing populist movement that combines existing conspiracy theories with anti-authoritarian narratives and misinformation about health," says the text, which estimates that the organization has some 20,000 followers across Europe.

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Activist Movements Drive Misinformation Mayhem

(Axios, Thursday December 2, 2021)

The movement [“V_V”], which was identified in conjunction with the risk intelligence firm Graphika, sought to bully people who hold pro-vaccination views, including health officials, into deleting their posts or making them private.

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Facebook Takes Down China-Based Network Spreading False COVID-19 Claims

(NPR, Wednesday December 1, 2021)

According to a report from the research firm Graphika, the group largely coordinates on the messaging app Telegram, but "appears to primarily target Facebook, where its members display the group's double V symbol in their profile pictures and swarm the comments sections of posts advocating for COVID-19 vaccines with hundreds of abusive messages." Graphika said the group has also defaced health facilities and attempted to disrupt public vaccination programs.

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Facebook Hits Anti-Vaccine Campaign Harassing Doctors

(Yahoo News, Wednesday December 1, 2021)

A report by social network analysis firm Graphika offered additional information on "V_V," which it says touts itself as engaged in guerilla "psychological warfare" that targets vaccine supporters.

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COVID-19 Deaths And Hospitalizations Continue To Rise In The U.S.

(NPR, Monday August 30, 2021)

Now, Erin McAweeney of the social media research firm Graphika says, there are lots of microinfluencers out there who put out messages to sow seeds of distrust and doubt.

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The Life Cycle Of A COVID-19 Vaccine Lie

(NPR, Tuesday July 20, 2021)

With the help of the internet research firm Graphika, NPR analyzed the rise of one persistent set of lies about COVID-19 vaccines: that they can affect female fertility. Despite a mountain of scientific evidence showing the vaccines are safe and effective, the false information persists.

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Anti-Vaccine Activists Use A Federal Database To Spread Fear About COVID Vaccines

(NPR, Monday June 14, 2021)

"There's very little control over what can be accessed and what can be manipulated," says Melanie Smith, director of analysis at Graphika, a company that tracks vaccine misinformation online. She says that she sees VAERS data being shared across a wide variety of anti-vaccine social media channels. "I would say almost every mis- and disinformation story that we cover is accompanied by some set of VAERS data."

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Why Social Media Hasn’t Been Able to Shut Down Vaccine Misinformation

(POLITICO, Tuesday December 22, 2020)

Melanie Smith, head of analysis at Graphika, a social media analytics firm that tracks misinformation, said the fringe QAnon movement has gained influence with anti-vaccine communities online, boosting momentum and pushing unfounded claims about Covid vaccines into the mainstream.

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QAnon Believers Spread False Claims About COVID-19 Vaccine Touted by Trump

(Yahoo!, Tuesday December 15, 2020)

Ahead of the U.S. vaccine rollout on Monday, Melanie Smith, head of analysis at the social media research firm Graphika, told Yahoo News that much of current QAnon conversation around covid vaccines seemed to be driven by scientists and doctors, including former employees of the pharmaceutical companies involved in developing the vaccines.

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How QAnon Rode the Pandemic to New Heights — and Fueled the Viral Anti-Mask Phenomenon

(NBC News, Tuesday October 13, 2020)

Erin McAweeney, a senior research analyst at Graphika, a New York-based social media analysis company, discovered that some alternative health, religious and anti-vaccination communities appeared to become singularly focused on COVID-19 health misinformation right as the pandemic was beginning to ramp up in the United States.

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As QAnon Grew, Facebook and Twitter Missed Years of Warning Signs About the Conspiracy Theory’s Violent Nature

(The Washington Post, Saturday October 3, 2020)

Researchers at Graphika, a network analysis firm that works with Facebook and other social media companies, found that QAnon and Trump’s online support overlapped to such an extent in 2018 that the two online communities were almost inextricable for the purposes of mapping relationships among accounts. Camille François, the company’s chief innovation officer, called the resulting network maps of interactions “a hairball” of overlapping accounts.

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With the Coronavirus, Usually Distinct Conspiracy Groups Turn to a Shared Interest

(TechCrunch, Tuesday April 21, 2020)

In new research led by its cyber intelligence analyst Melanie Smith, the social analytics AI company Graphika compared snapshots of the coronavirus conversation on Twitter in January, February and March, creating a bird’s eye view of misinformation about the virus from its earliest online mentions.

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Iran-Linked Group Caught Spreading COVID-19 ‘Disinformation’ On Facebook And Instagram

(Forbes, Wednesday April 15, 2020)

On Instagram, Graphika found IUVM created a western persona, @chriistophercarlos3, which appeared to be a personal account, but posted much the same content as appeared on Facebook and other IUVM-linked sources. That included a cartoon depicting Trump as a virus cell and other disinformation tracked on The Instagram account is no longer accessible.

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A Pro-Iranian Operation Has Spread Coronavirus Disinformation Across Facebook and Twitter

(The Verge, Wednesday April 15, 2020)

The International Union of Virtual Media (IUVM) “is a prolific operator” that hosts and creates pro-Iran and pro-Palestinian video reports, news articles, and memes. According to Graphika, this content is linked out over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In recent weeks, the disinformation operation has pivoted toward blaming the US for creating the coronavirus and critiquing its sanctions against Iran, alleging that they have hurt the nation’s ability to combat the disease.

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