Open Source Commitment

Graphika is a strong supporter of open source tools and datasets in the field of network analysis. Open source software lies at the core of many of our products, which build on Python modules such as numpy, pandas, and networkx to provide real-time analysis of tens of millions of network relationships. Our partnerships with nonprofits and academic institutions are built on a mutual commitment to making the latest advances in computational social science available to the public: at Graphika, we believe that we can help scholars and policymakers make sense of the complex dimensions of networked data without sacrificing our bottom line.

We publish the core scientific concepts that support our analysis and release the core technologies behind our products under an open source license. At the same time, we commercialize the business applications of these technologies for marketing influencer analysis, and virality detection. As we advance our research into the causal mechanisms of networked systems and networked deep learning, technologies that have the potential to fundamentally transform our understanding of human society, we consider it especially crucial to make the output of our research projects widely available, not hidden behind closed doors.

Even the best of intentions to keep research locked away can introduce severe bias. The only way to fight that bias is to show our work to the world outside Graphika, from our academic colleagues to the general public.

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