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Solution Types

Graphika delivers actionable intelligence & data insights across virtually any industry or topic.

Crisis Response

Rapid, strategic response during a communications crisis can make or break automative and aviation brands. We arm clients with critical actionable intelligence to facilitate informed decisions about how best address their audience during a crisis to counteract adversarial narratives, disinformation, brand boycotts, and conspiratorial conversations.

Target Audience Discovery & Trend Monitoring

Graphika’s fine-grained analysis engine provides deep segmentation of the key audience around any brand or topic. We empower automotive and aviation brands to improve their messaging and reach within their existing audience, as well as reveal key trending narratives and content of interest to facilitate growth into new audiences.

CEO & Executive Leadership Influence Analysis

Graphika provides deep insights about the reach and influence of key executives and leadership figures, as well as how these intersect with target audiences and other key communities of interest. We also monitor targeted disinformation campaigns targeted at an individual or brand.

The Graphika Platform Has a Solution for Every Size Organization

Stay informed with near-real-time insights on communities and topics that matter most so you can navigate the digital world.


For Individuals, Analysts, Marketers, and Strategic Decision-Makers

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Gain access to the most connected & influential communities that engage & shape topics that matter to you.

  • Access to All Intelligence Feeds
  • Narrative Intelligence Feeds
  • Analyst & SME Calls
  • Landscape and Deep-Dive Reports
  • Network Discovery Maps
  • One-on-One Training Sessions


For Professional Services, Agencies and Large Teams Looking to Transform Data Workflows

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Our comprehensive toolset seamlessly integrates with your organization’s existing workflows.

  • Access to the Growth Level Features for up to 100 Users
  • Narrative Analytics API
  • Team and Slack Integration
  • Customized Training for Your Entire Organization


For Enterprise-Level Organizations with Multiple Teams and Sophisticated Requirements

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Discover best-in-class intelligence & scalability at top of mind with our enterprise solutions

  • Access to Growth and Company Level Features
  • Community Data Downloads
  • Customized Training for Your Entire Organization

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