Discover and
compare any audience.


Graphika maps and segments your target audience and the key players in the space based on relationships.

  • Know your network on a deeper level.
  • Discover new audiences and compare to those of competitors.
  • Pinpoint the key influencers in your unique space.
  • Optimize ad campaign targeting based on granular, unbiased segmentation.

and join the conversation.


Graphika surfaces the public online conversations, websites, hashtags, and content that matter most to your audience, market, or industry.

  • Optimize your messaging.
  • Discover and put into action the language and imagery that resonate most.
  • Eliminate information overload and gather insights from thought leaders.
  • Jumpstart your creative process browsing visual content shared among your audience.

Study social media
activity over time.


Opinions and conversations constantly change but Graphika keeps your finger on the pulse.

  • Graphika's proprietary visualizations track activity of hashtags, sites, and content over time.
  • See where online trends start and end, as well as who played a role.
  • Discover the difference between influential in a conversation and true influencer.
  • Track how the composition and interests of your audience evolve.