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Graphika is a network analysis company. We bring more than 10 years of global expertise analyzing the spread of information in online spaces for world leading companies and research institutions.

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Chris Cotter

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Cotter is Chief Technology Officer at Graphika. A 20-year technology veteran with successful projects across a wide range of industries, including social networking, hospitality, health insurance, and private equity. At Graphika, Chris oversees Graphika’s long-term technical direction and manages the teams responsible for developing the analytic platform. He has worked at organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies including Starwood Hotels and Aon Hewitt to early-stage startups such as Red Rover and Zipari. Prior to joining Graphika, Chris launched Starwood’s first ever direct to property meetings booking system and, at Freelancers Union, architected the system responsible for enrolling 1% of all users in the ACA’s first year of existence.

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Our unique tools, in-house expertise with strong academic backgrounds, and the research affiliations of our innovation and science team inform our work and are reflected in our commitment to rigor in all that we do.

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