Junior Researcher

Graphika is looking to hire a full-time Junior Researcher with experience and interest in social networks, big data analysis, and social media.  

Graphika is a rapidly growing startup that uses network analysis methods to identify communities of interest in a wide variety of social media spaces: in the US and around the world, on Twitter, in Facebook, and in YouTube forums, just to name a few. Our scientists can identify coherent "clusters" of people united by shared interest in a band, a car, or a cause; track the influencers and conversation leaders of a cluster over time; and analyze the path of viral messages as they spread rapidly through these communities.  

Approximately seventy per cent of the Junior Researcher’s work will be dedicated to advancing Graphika’s research agenda. This includes operationalizing social science models in code, suggesting parameter ranges for models, writing research papers, and attending conferences and workshops. The Junior Researcher will also called on to assist Graphika’s Science Director with grant applications. The other thirty per cent of the Researcher’s duties will be dedicated to improving Graphika’s core technologies in clustering and big data analysis, with a focus on social networks and social media.

Research Responsibilities:

  • Conduct primary research in testing social science theories based on large-scale analysis of social media data and simulation environments

  • Invent technologies for fully automating Graphika’s core capabilities (for example: graph labeling, automatic graph layout, clustering aggregation and summarization)

  • Design algorithms to scale up key Graphika metrics to the scale of millions, then billions of nodes and edges

  • Help build Graphika’s patent portfolio by inventing and documenting key technologies, algorithms, and designs

  • Work in an interdisciplinary team of researchers and developers (some travel required: three to four times a year)

  • Publish and present results to both the academic community and to non-scientists

  • Contribute to Graphika’s scientific grant applications

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Experience working with big data (e.g. tens of millions of records)

  • Research skills including data parsing, modeling, and visualization

  • Scientific Computing proficiency, e.g. Python, C++, Julia, Scala, etc. and/or data analysis software proficiency, e.g. MATLAB, SAS, Gephi

  • Preferred 1+ years’ industry experience working on data analysis, building software, converting science into applications

  • Preferred Master’s or Ph.D. in Sociology, Computer Science, Information Science, or related field

  • Good communication and presentation skills

Graphika will offer a competitive salary and benefits package for this position, commensurate with candidate experience.  

Graphika is an equal opportunity employer and is looking for applicants with diverse backgrounds. Interested applicants can contact Vlad Barash at vlad.barash@graphika.com