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Graphika analyzes social media data to identify community-specific influencers, content, and conversation. For clients in the Media, Healthcare, News, Politics, and other industries, Graphika provides the context needed to make strategic business decisions.

Leveraging advanced proprietary social network analysis and graph mathematics, we map out data from Twitter and other public sources to identify networks of influence and the content shared within them. By starting with social relationships as the foundation for interest-based segmentation, our technology is a quantum leap beyond traditional demographic marketing. Media companies, political organizations, and fashion brands all utilize Graphika for use cases including influencer marketing, ad targeting, audience analysis, and content discovery.

The Graphika platform was launched in 2014 on technology invented by its predecessor, Morningside Analytics, LLC, and incubated since 2009 under engagements for demanding public sector and advanced research clients. Strategically positioned at the intersection of digital marketing technology and audience research, our revolutionary SaaS product suite provides customers with deep and actionable insights into social media activity. Today, corporate brands and strategy consultancies alike leverage our platform to discover hundreds of thousands of social network users who share similar interests while enabling mass targeting of the highest-ranked niche influencers within these groups. Backed by a round of angel investment, Dr. John Kelly leads a small, dedicated team of engineers and data scientists based in New York City.


Our Team



John Kelly is the founder and CEO of Graphika, a social media intelligence firm founded on technology he invented that blends social network analysis, content analysis, and statistics to solve the problem of making complex online networks understandable.

A quantitative social scientist by training, he has a Ph.D. in Communications from Columbia University and has studied at Stanford University and Oxford's Internet Institute. He is also an affiliate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, where he works with leading academics to design and implement empirical studies of the internets role in business, culture, and politics around the world.

An entrepreneur by choice, Kelly leads a team of business professionals and data scientists to bring new analytic technologies to market via the Graphika platform.

Adam Fields - Chief Architect

Adam Fields is Chief Architect at Graphika, responsible for overseeing and implementing all aspects of technology operations and development. Adam has been designing robust web applications for over 20 years. Before joining Graphika, he led projects for high profile enterprises, including Yahoo, George Soros’s Open Society Institute, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Pearson Publishing, and the National Cancer Institute. Adam holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Columbia University.


Vladimir Barash PH.D. - SCIENCE DIRECTOR

Vladimir Barash is Science Director at Graphika. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University, where he studied Information Science and wrote his thesis on the flow of rumors and virally marketed products through social networks. At Graphika, Vladimir oversees research into social network analysis and large-scale social phenomena, which powers Graphika's cutting-edge analytic engine. Under Vladimir's leadership, Graphika's research wing successfully completed a multi-year grant to study the emergence of popular social movements in social media channels.




Chris Cotter is Technology Director at Graphika, responsible for overseeing overall technical direction and development efforts. Chris has close to 20 years of technology leadership experience, with successful projects across a wide range of industries, including social networking, hospitality, health insurance, and private equity. He has worked at organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies including Starwood Hotels and Aon Hewitt to early-stage startups such as Red Rover and Zipari.


Tamara Tershakovec is Graphika's data visualization developer. She received a Masters in Computer Science from NYU. For her thesis she developed an interactive phylogenetic tree browser for plant genome research. At Graphika, Tamara is responsible for the clustermaps and other interactive graphs that provide an intuitive grasp of the vast amounts of data generated by Graphika's algorithms. Before moving into dataviz, she worked as a systems analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank.




Elizabeth Groeneman Walls is the Controller and office administrator at Graphika. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College with honors in archeology and a minor in geology. After an early career in science and technology publishing, she went on to accounting and office management for retail shops and for a publisher of fine paper products. Her work at Graphika encompasses financial reporting, customer and vendor relations, human resources, and network analysis of communities on social media.